Gold Hydrogen chair Alexander Downer was interviewed by Proactive in the wake of our positive soil results.

Gold Hydrogen’s positive test results from South Australian soil samples have put it back on the pages of the nation’s most reputable media outlet.

The Australian newspaper and website covered extensively our CSIRO results, announced on Tuesday and which detected hydrogen in multiple locations, at mild to moderate levels.

CSIRO testers out collecting the soil samples from our South Australia tenement on the Yorke Peninsula.

The results were from areas near where 100-year-old oil testing on the Yorke Peninsula unexpectedly turned up 90% pure hydrogen, and give weight to our theories on how natural hydrogen is made, and where it is stored underground.

The Australian reported Managing Director Neil McDonald saying: “It is positive for the theory we developed from day one on how natural hydrogen is generated and remains below the surface. We are pleased we’re on track to meet our target of drilling this year in October.”

‘The company is part of a global push to find cheaper ways of producing hydrogen, in a bid to make it a viable alternative to fossil fuels,’ The Australian noted and went on to link the Australian search for natural hydrogen to the recent largest European discovery in France; and to billionaire Bill Gates’ big investment in a US program.

See The Australian’s full coverage here (behind their paywall).

The story also ran online with Brisbane’s Courier-Mail, The Advertiser in Adelaide, the Gold Cost Bulletin and Toowoomba Chronicle.

Also putting its spin on the soil results was Energy Today, which highlighted one surprise in the findings: “Helium was also found in multiple locations in PEL 687, with Gold Hydrogen confirming that further studies will be undertaken to analyse this,” it said. Full story here.

The ASX announcement also rated a mention on the Climate Control News website, here.

Our media partners Proactive and the Market Herald naturally gave the results prominence.

Proactive’s interview with chair Alexander Downer is embedded at the top of this piece, while the Market Herald’s coverage, including an interview with Neil McDonald, is here.

Gold Hydrogen now awaits the results of its airborne surveys.