Researchers in France say a new natural hydrogen discovery could be the largest found in Europe to date.

It has sparked hopes natural hydrogen could be a game changer in Europe’s energy transition.

“If confirmed, this would be the largest potential natural hydrogen discovered to date in Europe,” Philippe de Donato, co-director of research at the GeoResources laboratory at the University of Lorraine, told media.

While carrying out work to check the risk of firedamp pockets in the abandoned mines of the Lorraine region in May, La Française d’Énergie (FDE) discovered the large deposit of natural hydrogen.

It is believed that the Lorraine basin could contain 46 million tonnes of natural hydrogen – equivalent to half the world’s current hydrogen production – and enough to contribute to the EU’s decarbonisation objectives significantly.

The European researchers highlighted the production difference between natural hydrogen and that produced by man (through solar and wind, for example): Natural hydrogen would come in at €1 per kilo, while renewable hydrogen currently reaches €6.

Gold Hydrogen’s South Australia drilling is expected to start in October.

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