Another big media house has covered Gold Hydrogen’s successful testing regime on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula.

Wireline equipment used in well testing at Gold Hydrogen’s Ramsay Project in South Australia.

Global media company Forbes picked up on this week’s results to the ASX, which included record hydrogen purity at 95% and reaffirmed helium readings of 17.5% from the Ramsay 2 well near Minlaton.

The article focussed on the fact Gold Hydrogen found hydrogen at all seven levels tested in a 1000m well hole.

This was a “step forward” in the natural hydrogen search, and could “imperil plans” to make green hydrogen from the likes of wind and solar.

It honed in on the price advantages natural hydrogen would have over man-made green hydrogen.

“Gold Hydrogen believes that the naturally occurring form of the gas can be produced at a cost of less than $1 per kilogram, a fraction of the $3.70/kg cost for hydrogen produced from natural gas, $4.20/kg from coal or prices ranging from $4.22/kg up to $16.80/kg using renewable energy to break down water by electrolysis,” the article said.

“While only a small company with a stock market value of just $85 million (A$125 million) Gold Hydrogen has impeccable management connections and a share price which has doubled since the start of the year, as well as being 400% higher than this time last year.”

The article follows coverage on the BBC, Reuters, Financial Times and Japan’s state broadcaster.

Full article here.