It’s not just Gold Hydrogen making progress in the drive to make hydrogen front and centre of Australia’s energy transition.

A wireline unit used in flow testing at Ramsay 2 in South Australia.

A recent article in Stockhead highlighted the efforts of a range of small caps hydrogen sector companies trying to help turn net zero ambitions into reality.

Gold Hydrogen featured, of course, but a summary of the other developments included:

Pure Hydrogen: Pairing hydrogen to a range of appliances and then building to larger projects. Currently building hydrogen production and supply in major cities such as Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to help long-haul trucks go longer distances on hydrogen fuel cells.

Countrywide Hydrogen: Assessing road transport data to identify and build a Hydrogen HyWay. It will select sites where a hydrogen production facility with a refuelling station will be located.

Hazer Group: Producing carbon neutral hydrogen and graphite from a biogas feedstock.

Lion Energy: Secured development approval from the Queensland government for a green hydrogen generation and refuelling hub in the Port of Brisbane.

Full article here.

Meanwhile, Gold Hydrogen’s recent announcement of new test results showing 17% purity of helium at Ramsay 2 in South Australia has gathered more media attention.

Energy News Bulleting covered it here, while our investor relations partner Proactive interviewed managing director Neil McDonald here.