With the countdown on to Gold Hydrogen’s first test drilling for natural hydrogen in South Australia, new geological results have boosted belief in our theories.

This land is part of Gold Hydrogen’s tenement area in South Australia.

Gold Hydrogen is on track to drill the first well next month on the Yorke Peninsula in our bid to prove hydrogen, found during oil searches last century, still exists in commercial quantities that would help Australia’s drive for net zero energy emissions.

New tests on historical rock chips from within Gold Hydrogen’s Ramsay Project, the PEL 687 tenement area, have proved hydrogen existed at multiple sites over several decades.

The rock samples, held by the South Australian Government from testing at different sites in a variety of years, were from as recent as 2007.

Testing conducted on 34 samples found the presence of hydrogen in 31 of them.

Of course, until we get our drilling unit on site and do live testing, there are no guarantees. But in the wake of our earlier soil testing, which showed a few months ago that hydrogen was present at several of our test sites, it is another positive sign.

We continue to believe that through a hydrolysis process, natural hydrogen is generated sub-surface, and is able to flow from the source of its generation into other formations.

See our full ASX announcement here, and confirmation of the timing of the drill program is close.

Meanwhile, a recent radio interview on ABC has introduced South Australians to the gold hydrogen concept.

The 30-minute interview included a series of listener questions and congratulations about our program.

The variety of questions reinforced our need to continue to be on the front foot in terms of communication.

We are pioneers of the natural hydrogen phenomenon in Australia, and the further we share our story, the more people understand its significance.

Hear the ABC interview here.