New year, same old story – there’s more good news for supporters of Gold Hydrogen.

The prestigious Science magazine has named natural hydrogen exploration as one of its ‘Breakthroughs of the Year’.

See chairman Alexander Downer’s review of 2023 and his look forward to this year.

Each year, Science reviews new major scientific initiatives and tries to predict their impact.

With the hunt for natural hydrogen increasingly being considered a key player in low-carbon energy production, Science has hailed the work of companies like Gold Hydrogen, which has confirmed hydrogen in its South Australia tenement.

Science highlights finds in Africa and the US and points out the similarities between the significance of oil finds in the 1800s to what is happening now with hydrogen.

“In 1859, Edwin Drake sank 20 meters of cast-iron pipe into the earth beneath Titusville, Pennsylvania, and struck oil, collecting it in a bathtub. The well kicked off the U.S. oil rush and changed the world,” Science says.

Science acknowledges the recent hydrogen finds defy “conventional geological wisdom”.

“An unpublished USGS study suggests Earth may hold 1 trillion tons of hydrogen—enough to satisfy growing demand for hydrogen as a fuel and fertilizer ingredient for thousands of years.”

“Environmentalists may find themselves in the odd position of cheering the roughnecks on with cries of ‘drill, baby, drill’!”

What was Science’s No 1 breakthrough in 2023? Obesity battling GLP-1 drugs. Full story here.

Meanwhile, Gold Hydrogen’s surging share price late in 2023 has gained more recognition through The Australian.

In a piece reviewing new IPO performances, it says: “Gold Hydrogen shares are up 59 per cent from their IPO price, making it the second-best performer.”

Full story here.