Japan’s fascination with natural hydrogen – and Gold Hydrogen in particular – went into overdrive this week.

Gold Hydrogen managing director Neil McDonald spoke to a full house at the Japan Energy Summit and fielded many meeting requests from some of Japan’s largest energy companies.

Neil McDonald presents in Japan this week.

“Global companies are keen to engage with Gold Hydrogen and understand more about why we are on the pathway of producing natural hydrogen at a fifth of the cost of manmade hydrogen,” Mr McDonald said.

The interest comes after Gold Hydrogen this week featured for the third time on major Japanese television programs.

NHK World Television featured the natural hydrogen phenomenon in a 10-minute English language piece on Newsline In-Depth.

The segment included footage and interviews filmed at our South Australian tenement near Minlaton earlier this year.

Mr McDonald said for the Japanese to send a reporter and cameraman this far showed how seriously the country was taking natural hydrogen.

The Government there has already committed billions of dollars in subsidies for the production of clean hydrogen.

The NHK TV show can be viewed here.

Meanwhile, the prestigious Scientific American publication has also covered the rise of natural hydrogen.

In an article titled ”Hydrogen Fever’ Erupts after Discoveries of Large Deposits of the Clean Gas’, Gold Hydrogen once again featured.

Significantly, the story covered one of the most recent natural hydrogen finds, in Albania. The gas there bubbled to surface in what a leading geochemist described as an event that “was very intense”.

It said: ‘Natural hydrogen could power our cars, light our houses and provide a cleaner alternative for all of the industries that are currently dependent on methane, from cement to steel production.’

Full article here.