Doubts are disappearing by the day about just how important hydrogen will be for motor vehicle owners as a carbon-reducing fuel of the future.

Hylane is purchasing 78 more hydrogen trucks.

A number of major companies have confirmed further moves into the hydrogen space – welcome news for Gold Hydrogen as we continue our South Australian investigation into a natural hydrogen field that we believe is large enough to commercialise.

In the most significant recent Australian move, Perth is to become home of Western Australia’s first public hydrogen refuelling station.

City of Perth has reached an agreement in principle with Frontier Energy to develop the station.

Perth Mayor Basil Zempilas said: “Hydrogen-fuelled cars are predicted to grow in popularity over the coming years so having a city-based refuelling station forms an important part of our sustainability plan.”

Sam Lee Mohan, Frontier Energy Managing Director, said: “Our long-term vision is to supply a hydrogen highway with multiple green hydrogen refuelling stations throughout WA, that will enable a significant reduction of WA’s carbon emissions from transport and bulk haulage.”

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Major marque BMW has announced it is planning to roll out a series of hydrogen-powered production cars by the end of the decade.

At the Tokyo motor show, BMW said there were 164 hydrogen fueling stations in Japan already, and 1000 were predicted by 2030. There are 12 stations in the UK and BMW urged the Government there to move more quickly. Full story here.

Toyota has also launched a new hydrogen-powered vehicle, the Crown.

One of the new models features a sedan-SUV combination, and industry body Hydrogen Central said of its carbon-neutral potential: “The flagship Crown Sedan also gets an FCEV version that emits no CO2 while in operation. It accompanies an HEV version, the choice of many customers, to increase their options and meet diverse needs while contributing to the popularization of electrified vehicles and the realization of carbon neutrality.”

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In Germany, rental company Hylane is to purchase 78 more hydrogen trucks.

The large company is sourcing trucks from a number of suppliers as it trials their range and efficiency. Some of the new Iveco trucks come with tanks capable of up to 70kg of hydrogen storage.

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In other major news, hydrogen is coming to home energy systems in a hurry.

German-based HPS Home Power Solutions AG is integrating hydrogen fuel cells into its latest solar systems.

H2 Energy News says the move “promises to be a game-changer in the world of home energy storage”.

The Picea devices act as seasonal storage solutions for solar power. During the sun-drenched summer months, an integrated electrolyzer comes to life, converting excess energy from the PV system into green hydrogen, which is then stored on-site. When winter’s chill arrives, the system’s clever design reverses the process, transforming hydrogen back into electricity using fuel cell technology.

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