The dual hydrogen and helium find announced by Gold Hydrogen yesterday (Oct 31) put the company back in the media spotlight and sent shares upwards.

Drillers on site at the Ramsay Project near Minlaton.

Gold Hydrogen said it had found an active natural hydrogen field in South Australia and told the ASX it had measured hydrogen at 73.3% purity, which almost matches the 76% purity hydrogen found at the same site, and same 240m depth, as oil explorers accidentally found nearly 100 years ago.

Helium was also detected at the Yorke Peninsula site, at 3.6% air corrected at 890m. This is a relatively high concentration of helium, which is rare and valuable and is set to become a significant value-add to the project.

Shares finished yesterday (Oct 31) at 29c, after coming out of trading halt at 26c.

The positive news also sparked a new round of media interest.

The Australian said shares had “surged” on the news.

“The find at the Ramsay 1 bore is validation of Gold Hydrogen’s theory that hydrogen forms naturally from water reacting with rock formations on its tenement area of the Yorke Peninsula,” it reported.

The extensive article can be read here.

Also covering the announcement was investor engagement company Proactive, which said Gold Hydrogen was “confirming  historical findings and demonstrating the presence of an active hydrogen resource at shallow depths at the Ramsay Project”.

Full article here.

Managing director Neil McDonald has also been interviewed by the ABC in the wake of the announcement.

The coverage comes hard on the heels of Gold Hydrogen featuring in a feature-length article about the potential of natural hydrogen by international broadcaster CNN. That article, with the heading ‘What they found could change the world’, is here.