Gold Hydrogen’s Queensland roots have been explored in an extensive piece in an online magazine.

Equipment on site in South Australia for the latest hydrogen and helium tests.

The InQueensland article by John McCarthy covers the worldwide hunt for natural hydrogen, which our company has been at the forefront of, and says it should be a worry for those promoting green, or man-made, hydrogen.

“Hundreds of millions of taxpayer and private dollars have been plunged into developing green hydrogen states, but new discoveries, including one by a Brisbane company, could make it all redundant,” the article says.

“Shares in the Brisbane-based Gold Hydrogen (GHY) are on a gallop and for good reason, the company could have found a ground-floor entry into a new industry.”

Highlighting forecast investment in natural hydrogen of $630 billion by 2050, the article says gold hydrogen has massive advantages.

“Lots of people are watching what unfolds for GHY because of the massive potential natural hydrogen brings, particularly the expectation that it could be at a significantly lower cost to green hydrogen, which is the product governments have been throwing their money at.”

The full article can be found here.

Meanwhile, other recent coverage of Gold Hydrogen’s South Australian hydrogen and helium play has come from investor relations company Proactive.

It has in the past two weeks looked at our new helium resource reportinterviewed MD Neil McDonald on the report, and covered our new round of testing at Minlaton.