We’ve made the BBC!

As coverage of Gold Hydrogen’s recent hydrogen and helium finds gathers momentum in Australia, even the UK-based BBC has become aware of what’s going on.

In a feature-length piece on the emergence of natural hydrogen as a worldwide energy source, and published this week, the BBC notes the exploration action going on in South Australia.

“Most recently, a company called Gold Hydrogen announced the discovery of a large field of natural hydrogen in the state, which it hopes to bring into production next year or the year after,” the BBC said.

It noted that South Australia was one of the most viable natural hydrogen areas, helped by the state government adding hydrogen to the list of regulated substances permitted for exploration under the Petroleum and Geothermal Act 2000.

The BBC reported: “Since February of 2021, six different companies have applied for and been granted 18 exploration licenses for gold hydrogen,” says Suren Thurairajah, partner, climate and sustainability, at Deloitte Australia.

“The area under permit is 570,000 square kilometres, which is 32% of the size of the state of South Australia.”

The coverage highlights what is touted as the largest ever find of hydrogen in the world, at Lorraine, France, earlier this year.

It comes after Gold Hydrogen recently confirmed natural hydrogen levels of more than 70% purity at its first well, Ramsay 1. The company is awaiting results from Ramsay 2.

Full BBC article here.

Meanwhile, confirmation this week that the helium results from Gold Hydrogen’s Ramsay 2 are world class has won more coverage from the ABC.

Gold Hydrogen reported helium at 6.8% at Ramsay 2. It hit 3.6% at Ramsay 1. With helium rare, expensive and harvested at just 1% purity, this is a remarkable find.

Managing director Neil McDonald gave a substantial interview to the ABC’s Country Hour this week.

The helium find came the same week Australia’s only helium plant closed because it ran out of the gas. Our find gives new hope to the helium industry.

The interview can be found at this link and Neil comes in about 2min 40s.