Top car brand BMW is making its moves on hydrogen.

Spanish media outlet LaGrada has reported BMW will have three hydrogen-backed vehicles on the market this year and has highlighted the advantages they have over today’s electric vehicles.

“The future of mobility will prioritize performance, rapid refueling times, and environment-friendly solutions,” LaGrada said.

“In line with these trends, hydrogen engines might be the next big thing to enter the automobile market.”

It reported BMW CEO Oliver Zipse predicting hydrogen engines will play an important role in many regions of the world in the long run.

LaGarda said hydrogen vehicles were “similar to EVs but with specific differences that make hydrogen vehicles a unique green offer. Hydrogen engines can be refueled just as fast as their (petrol) counterparts, and they don’t lose driving range with temperature variations”.

“This is a great opportunity for hydrogen cars to get a portion of the automobile market,” the website said.

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