Australian investors are being urged to consider the lead set by billionaires Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos when considering the prospects of natural hydrogen.

In an article for investors interested in small-cap ASX stocks, The Equities Club highlights the potential of Gold Hydrogen.

“When billionaires like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos start throwing huge amounts of money at an investment, it’s time to sit up and take notice,” the article says.

It goes on to highlight the cost advantages of gold (natural) hydrogen over manmade green hydrogen, then indicates where Australian investors should be looking.

“While we’re still actively scouring the market for potential gems, one company already stands out as a beacon in the natural hydrogen landscape: Gold Hydrogen (ASX: GHY).

“Listed in January 2023, GHY has seen its share price skyrocket over 400%, hitting a valuation of $250 million. With successful drilling having recorded incredibly high grades of natural hydrogen and helium, Gold Hydrogen is proving that natural hydrogen isn’t just hot air.”

The Equities Club says there are only a handful of companies in the natural hydrogen game for now, and thus it presented “a unique and early opportunity for investors. It’s always good to get in on investing narratives or thematics early”.

With Deloitte forecasting the clean hydrogen market to grow to US$1.4 trillion per year by 2050, natural hydrogen exploitation “could lead to transformative changes across various sectors, including transportation, electricity production, and manufacturing”.

The article also mentioned fellow Australian small caps companies Hyterra and Top End Energy.

Full article here.

Meanwhile, Gold Hydrogen also gets a mention in a new podcast by one of the world’s leading natural hydrogen authorities.

CSIRO team leader Ema Frery is featured in the H-Nat and Co podcast ‘What’s new in Australia’.

She gives a great overview of the industry and regulatory framework here, which is blossoming after Gold Hydrogen’s hydrogen and helium finds.

The podcast can be found here.