‘Gold hydrogen could be perfect for Woodside’ – it’s the news headline of the week as far as we’re concerned.

Workers set up for the new round of testing of Gold Hydrogen’s hydrogen-helium wells.

In an opinion piece in the Asia-Pacific forum Energy News Bulletin, regular columnist Slugcatcher made the point that producing natural hydrogen would be a ‘’smarter way’’ to get a clean gas than Woodside is currently planning.

‘’Gold Hydrogen could be another of those geological miracles waiting to be discovered. Woodside has a chance to be an early mover in a sector that looks more promising than some of the projects on the company’s books,’’ the article said.

It said Woodside has focused on manufacturing ‘green’ hydrogen in an ‘’energy-intensive electrolyser’’.

The article said: ‘’For followers of Woodside, Australia’s biggest oil and gas company, it wasn’t hard to draw a line connecting the company with the potential of gold hydrogen, largely because Woodside is interested in hydrogen but is yet to find a way into commercial production.

‘’How Woodside could find a way into the embryonic gold hydrogen sector is unknown but there are really only two possibilities, discovery, or through buying a business that has made a start in the hunt for what could be a substantial prize.’’

Anyone know a viable gold hydrogen company out there?

Full article can be read here.

Meanwhile, for converts to the natural hydrogen cause, we think a scientific piece from the US’ Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy is essential reading.

It lists some of the projects under way in the world where scientists are working on how to stimulate natural hydrogen production in the ground.

It could mean quicker regeneration of the hydrogen at projects like ours in South Australia.

See details here.