We continue to rack up astonishing results from our second round of well testing at our natural hydrogen play in South Australia.

The numbers mean we will be back on site on the Yorke Peninsula in a few weeks to continue work on proof-of-concept natural hydrogen and helium commercial production.

A good omen? A rainbow forms over Gold Hydrogen’s Ramsay 2 well during testing for hydrogen and helium earlier this year.

Consider these results from our Ramsay 2 well, provided to us from world-leading laboratories:

  • Hydrogen was confirmed in all seven zones tested, from 250m-1km.
  • A 180m thick helium pay zone was identified.
  • Hydrogen was confirmed at up to 95.8% purity, our highest reading yet (at 531m and on an air-corrected basis)
  • Helium was again confirmed at the highest level we reported earlier, 17.5% air corrected. Helium spikes were significant and more testing for higher purities will continue.
  • We were able to extract both gases to surface.
  • High permeability levels were recorded in the Kulpara dolomites. This is significant as it indicates the formations are permeable and producing fluids and associated gas.

The results are remarkable. The purity levels are believed to be amongst the highest anywhere in the world for helium and natural hydrogen.

The news was covered by sharemarket insights company Proactive, and Managing Director Neil McDonald’s interview with them can be viewed here.

It’s also important to remember we have large prospective resources for both gases, and the testing so far is only over a portion of the Ramsay Project permit.

The results, as good as they are, are also helping us identify even better drilling sites on our tenement.

We are well on the journey of producing both natural hydrogen and helium.