Gold Hydrogen’s announcement of world-class Helium results from its South Australian assets on Yorke Peninsula has come at an opportune time.

Action from the Ramsay 2 site.

Not only did Gold Hydrogen announce Helium found at up to 6.8% at its second drilling site, Ramsay 2, it came on the same day Australia’s only Helium production plant, the only one in the southern hemisphere,  shut down after its gas supply was exhausted.

BOC was forced to cease Helium production, which has run since 2010, at its Darwin plant because Santos’s Bayu-Undan gas field has depleted.

Though any Gold Hydrogen play in South Australia would be some time away from delivering commercial quantities, the timing was remarkable.

ABC’s coverage of the Darwin plant closure is here.

On air, the plant closure sparked an intriguing ABC conversation about the importance of Helium to the world. For those wanting to understand why Gold Hydrogen is so excited about its find, listen here (Helium discussion between 1min 45s and 9min).

Of course, Gold Hydrogen’s announcement yesterday stood alone as significant business news, and The Australian again covered developments.

It reported Gold Hydrogen managing director Neil McDonald saying the initial Helium results were “truly world class”.

“While we were already pleasantly surprised by the previously tested and announced Helium found at Ramsay 1, the results from Ramsay 2 of 6.8 per cent Helium in the raw gas do not come as a complete shock,” he said.

“Just last week, I had the privilege of attending the World Natural Hydrogen Conference, where international scientists shared theories about the simultaneous discovery of Helium alongside natural hydrogen.

“These findings further affirm our commitment to pioneering advancements in the field and underscore the global significance of the Ramsay project.”

Full coverage from The Australian is here. Other NewsCorp titles around the country picked up the story.

Investor relations company Proactive also hyped the latest find, coverage here.