Mainstream media coverage of Gold Hydrogen’s foray into the climate change wars came in a significant piece in The Australian in late 2021.

Cameron England broke the story and said:

‘’Fairy circles on South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula and Kangaroo Island could be a sign that the holy grail of the energy transition – naturally occurring hydrogen – is there for the taking.

‘’Brisbane-based company Gold Hydrogen has picked up an exploration tenement covering the lower half of the Yorke Peninsula, and with promising historical drilling records in hand, is poised to kick off an early stage exploration program.

‘’It’s a process which couldn’t have occurred even a year ago, with the South Australian Government serendipitously amending the state’s resources Act in February of this year to declare hydrogen a regulated substance, allowing companies to apply for exploration licences.’’

The story went on to cover our digging up details on the hydrogen finds in the area 100 years ago, which has led to our exploration play.

The Australian said: ‘’More recent work published this year says the presence of fairy circles can be an indicator of hydrogen venting.

‘’This suggests that Australia could be one of the most promising areas for H2 exploration.’’

Read the story at The Australian (paywall).